The Studios, Scunthorpe General Hospital, Cliff Grds, Scunthorpe
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SHR_Scunthorpe Tonight's the night. We're at the National Hospital Radio Awards ceremony in Newcastle. Three nominations.
SHR_Scunthorpe RT @BellaRoseT: To all my SHR buddies @iainshr @jaynedixon131 have fun at the Hospital Radio Awards & good luck to @SHR_Scunthorpe :)
SHR_Scunthorpe @LH_Robinson Kind offer but no, it's judges in the health service and radio professionals.
SHR_Scunthorpe Hi @NLHour we're in celebratory mood, as we've 3 nominations in the National Hospital Radio Awards. Winners revealed on Saturday! #nlhour
SHR_Scunthorpe RT @robjcrowston: Listening to our @hbaukawards entry again, and I have to say im hugely proud to be a part of @SHR_Scunthorpe and all achi…
SHR_Scunthorpe We've just added up all the patients requests for February...and Elvis Presley was the months most requested artist at Scunthorpe General.
SHR_Scunthorpe @NLHour, Twigmoor Woods, the Normanby Park land train, Tatterfoals Morris Dancers in action, harvest time in Althorpe. Etc.
SHR_Scunthorpe @NLHour 2015 included Julian's Bower at Alkborough, the park run in Central Park, a field of poppies nr Winterton, St Johns Church...
SHR_Scunthorpe @bestukprinting @NLHour Always happy to talk money. :) We'll drop you an email to discuss.
SHR_Scunthorpe @NLHour Every year we publish our own SHR Calendar complete with a dozen photos of the very best parts of North Lincolnshire. #NLHour :)
SHR_Scunthorpe @wintdistrictllr @NLHour Happy to cover the contest. Drop us an email at:
SHR_Scunthorpe @NLHour @Scun_Samaritans Email the details to: Happy to promote it.
SHR_Scunthorpe RT @wintdistrictllr: @SHR_Scunthorpe @NLHour @iainshr he was very brave to do it! Still think he should take the next leap with our Skydive…
SHR_Scunthorpe @wintdistrictllr @NLHour Very true. @iainshr is still recovering! And the patients loved hearing him scream. Haha
SHR_Scunthorpe RT @dannyLLR: @SHR_Scunthorpe @NLHour love this guys! So many people doing so much good work! Volunteers help make so much possible! #nlhour
SHR_Scunthorpe @NLHour If any charities have forthcoming events that our listeners might be interested in, get in touch. We'll help promote them. #NLHour
SHR_Scunthorpe @wintdistrictllr @NLHour Things are great here thanks. Entertaining the patients, as always. How are things in Winterton?
SHR_Scunthorpe @NLHour We think North Lincolnshire is great because of the many volunteers working for charities, like ours, across the area. #NLHour
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